Welcome to Port Nowhere!

Welcome to Port Nowhere!

Someone once told me that the best way to start a creative project was to “just do it”. He was actually talking about webcomics at the time, and his advice has served me well on many occasions. Starting a blog, however, feels different. This is a place where I’ll be putting myself up into the public lens, rather than just my concepts and ideas. Coming up with a name took forever. Writing this introduction took even longer. I put a lot of time and thought into what I would say here, but in the end, I decided that “just do it” doesn’t have to apply to only comics. So here we go.

I should probably start with why I’m making a blog to begin with. Since first seeing the films as a child, Star Wars has had a long lasting impact on a number of facets of my life. It fueled my interest in science fiction and fantasy (my original passion was animals). It drove me to want to work at NASA (that never happened). It gave me a passion for philosophy (I could talk about the nature of the Force all day). But above all else, Star Wars is what made me want to be a writer. Up until seeing Star Wars, I already had a vivid imagination. I would draw and paint, I would play and pretend, but I didn’t even consider that I could invent whole worlds. The next step for me, I believe, is to put myself in a position to share this passion with others.

Star Wars has been my one consistent passion for as long as I can remember, but it’s not my only interest. I wanted to make this blog as a place where I could discuss not only my thoughts, feelings, and opinions on all things Star Wars, but also as a place to share my many other interests with all of you. We’re talking movies, literature, video games, comics, even some original fiction; anything that fits.

You might be asking yourself, why Port Nowhere? The honest answer is that while stressing out on my search for a name, I happened to be playing through the smuggler storyline in Star Wars: The Old Republic. In this story, Port Nowhere is a floating spaceport and cantina that acts as a haven for pirates, smugglers and other criminals. In its prime, the station would travel between the Core Worlds, Outer Rim territories, and Hutt Space offering reprieve for all manners of fringe types. It wasn’t until later I found out that “Knowhere” is a port of sorts in Marvel Comics which acts as an interdimensional crossroads and scientific observatory. This, of course, also works for me. My favorite stories have always been those set on the planets farthest from the bright center of the universe, so the idea of a port operating in fringe-space seemed the most likely fit for me.

My journey is probably similar to many of yours out there. I saw the movies as a child, grew up with the Extended Universe, unlearned what I had learned with the prequels, and matured with the characters as they lived out their lives on the pages of books and comics. Now I stand with all of you on the precipice of something new. Today marks one full year until a new Star Wars will release and change everything we know forever. As I write this, I literally sit surrounded by piles of now out of print Dark Horse Star Wars comics, not sad about the stories we have lost (how could they be lost if they’re all right here?) but thrilled to experience the stories yet to come.

So hold on, everybody. We’re all going to have a lot to talk about over the next year, and even more beyond that. If you enjoy what you read here, I hope you’ll comment. The whole point of a forum such as this is to open the floor to discussion, and I really look forward to talking with everyone!

May the Force be with you.